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Where Positive Future Fiction meets Positive Present Non-Fiction

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The Overall Mission


…To inspire you, dear reader, and to connect with your heart and mind…

…To manifest and showcase how amazing the present and future can turn out to be…

…To stir up sparks of insights and seeds of ideas…

…To support emerging positive future narratives through story

…To showcase the possibilities of bold kindness mixed with juicy, compassionate, loving rationality…

What might readers take away from all this?

    • Reflect on the importance of narrative for human beings – we (our consciousnesses) kind of run on it. It’s like a web-like structure that holds our reality together, collectively, individually, cosmically, cradling our sense of meaning and purpose within it.
    • Delve into it –  the narrative technology structure binding our consciousness together creating byte-sized pieces that make sense to our newest, the rational, brain. Once you do that, you will likely find it everywhere – making you more aware of the origin and purpose of your individual and collective belief structure.
    • What small and large positive things are you already doing in your own life?
    • How many positive things are happening in the world that go largely unacknowledged?
    • How much potential is there for doing positive work in your region of the world?
    • How are you supporting others in making positive contributions and changes?
    • What might it mean to begin negotiating reality?
Motivation, Inspiration & Ideas
    • Write your own story / mythology

    • Question current narrative or current mythology (dystopia!)

    • Realise, acknowledge the positive potential of human beings including yourself

    • Begin to realise the importance of fully believing in a positive future outcome – we can’t turn the ship around if we don’t think it’s possible. There is too much hard work to be done, too much affluence and comforts to abandon and that can’t be done without a firm belief in a positive future and positive human potential – even if the world goes to sheeeet…

A Solid Manifestation Practise
      • Both individual and collective manifestation to be done
      • Moon wishes

      • Life goals

      • Short/long term goals and plans

      • Write these out!! The manifestation power of the written word is extensive and scientifically proven.

      • Speak them out loud or silently → the manifestation power of the spoken word is powerful also

Encouragement & Empowerment
  • to change their lives

  • to take action

  • to live true to their values

  • to take responsibility for their life and actions

  • to let go of fear

  • consider the possibility of letting go of affluence and security, and the potential such action may liberate


Acknowledgement of traditional custodians of the many Southern Countries commonly called Australia


I would like to start by acknowledging the traditional custodians of the lands I have conceived this novel on, and acknowledge elders past, present, and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded. These Great Southern Lands Always Were And Always Will Be Aboriginal Lands.

There is still great hubris at work within the Menschheit (humanity). Its hallmarks are colonially inspired cruelty, unjust justice systems, a lack of will to understand, and rampant historical misrepresentation. As a a middle-class white European woman residing in Australia I fully accept and acknowledge the responsibility, and the challenge, to make a difference in how we live together today and in the future, to lovingly and compassionately educate those who are ignorant (as, alas, I have been and continue to be in so many ways).

Massive thanks go out to my Indigenous friends and mentors for their generosity, guidance, wisdom, and patience. You have helped me understand so much about reality, which lets this novel manifestation reach far out back, down, up, without, within, and beyond. Knowing you has opened a gateway to understanding myself, as I have delved much deeper than before into my own roots and those of my people to more fully understand who we are, where we come from, why we are the way we are today. I am working on maybe one day being as spiritually grounded in my perception of and work within the universal Dream as you have showed me to be. 


My Deutschness

So, I am bilingual and I often use German words while talking and writing in English to get a point across, or because I can’t think of a word, or because sometimes the Deutsch word for something seems much more congruent with what I am trying to express. I am rather interested in linguistics in general, language is such an intrinsic human trait and it can tell us so much about ourselves if we delve a little deeper by looking at a word’s origin or its counterparts in other languages. I also love making up new words – Deutsch is great for that with its word compounding ability, so I look forward to hear how that goes with you, my honoured readers!

The rampant Non-Perfection contained in this website

This website and all its content was never meant to be an example of perfection, especially not on account of its creator. A lot of time has gone into making all this into what it is right now, and I am constantly improving it (at times making it worse in the process…), yet perfection will likely stay elusive, so please accept my humble apologies for all spelling and editorial faults and failures, creakiness, bad links, etc etc etc. Hopefully none of that dulls the gist of my mission too much.

Money & Currencies in the Novel

For years I abhorred money and saw it as the root of all evil – but of course that is only a half-truth, for money is just a tool, and any tool can be misused and abused. Money has many great characteristics. However, my version of the future happens to be without money, and instead runs on the currency I consider our most precious – our time, and by extension, our attention.

It’s okay readers to disagree with that, I have had many interesting, constructive discussions about time banks, alternative currencies, and the political persuasions prescribing this or that. I do see the reasons people want to stick with a fiat based currency, but I have stuck with my time guns because it just makes sense to me. It’s so simple and straightforward, and if there is one thing we need more of as a combined humanity, it’s more simplicity and straightforwardness.

In no way does that mean that everybody has to agree with me, or that it really has to be like that in the future to be a future worthy of striving for. OK?

If you have some good ideas for how another currency could work, maybe consider writing a story about that, or an essay or just some dotpoints, and join or start a discussion.

Future building is a collective task after all.


My future vision-version of Earth and her Creatures in One Week in 2050 is in no way meant to be prescriptive – it is a subjective vision deemed worthy of sharing to inspire and motivate all People for both individual and collective manifestation and action towards the society/world/system we actually want to live in.

Gratitude for what I have & Appreciation for the work of those who came before

Many modern occidentals (Westerners) are ungrateful and whingy when it comes to how things are, and not just in my generations of Gen Y. We have it amazingly good compared to much of the rest of the world and compared to the generations before us. In that spirit, I would like to acknowledge my gratitude to capitalism, all the generations who have come before me, and the industrial age for developing the standard of living I currently enjoy, which has led to me being able to have the freedom and resources to create this novel and website.

Another thanks, as a member of the human female gender, is to the countless fe/males over the ages and especially the last 150 or so years for making equal rights happening on a large scale in the Occident. I highly appreciate and value the freedom of choice, voice, and ultimately, will, I am able to exercise because of the dedicated, persistent, resourceful work of so many of my forebears with the common sense that balance between the genders is a pertinent ingredient for anthro-evolution.

However, with all that appreciation and gratitude duly noted … in all of the regions on this, our planet-mother-Earth-ship – the Occident, the Orient, and the various other regions comprising our collective Being and Bewusstsein (consciousness) – there is much room for improvement in our dealings with one another, human to human, and human to flora/fauna/funghi/Earth.

There is much need for healing considering the murderous plunder committed by our forebears (blessed though they are for being ambitious, courageous, pioneers and all that) and continuing to this day, allowing the riches bolstering the privileged 2019-status to flow to Occidental pockets.

Humans are sensitive, multi-layered, complicated beings, if you hadn’t noticed yet, and all these actions have left a whole heap of unresolved business that needs shifting and sorting within all of us – Indigenous, Oriental, Occidental. That shifting and sorting is already in full swing, and it’s right about time for us to move further through recalibration and forgiveness, and then set our sights on new goals and higher ideals.

And guess what – that is what we have to work on now, we, the generations alive right now. Healing is part of our task, our history making. And that healing includes our planet with the climatic and energetic tipping points we are reaching and surpassing constantly.

That is what I’m focusing on. It’s not about destructive behaviour like dissing anyone or anything. Future building is about maturity, recognition, wisdom, and response-ability, by learning from the past, and doing better. 

I’m pretty certain (ha certainty…) that with the help of what the last 300 years have given us in terms of socio-bio-psycho-scientific-techno-eco tools, and the last 10000 years in terms of evolutionary, revolutionary tools, and the last 80000 years in terms of Indigenous wisdom about custodianship and general survival, we can move, collectively to the next stage in human evolution. It might not happen as fast as it does in the novel, but then maybe we’ll surprise ourselves. Human beings are pretty ingenious after all, if you hadn’t noticed.

Background & Motivation

What’s my Story? What is Futurism to me?

This entire project is my way of manifesting the world I want us to grow old in.

Born in Northern Germany in 1983, I now live an hour north of Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia.
Writing, reading, contemplation and connecting the dots have always been major parts of my life. I am a generalist, interested in everything. A lifelong passion for the observation and study of the universe and all its contents shape my open mindset and fluid way of life. Having felt something fishy going on with our current occidental-heavy system and way of Being, I have been researching and envisioning alternative futures for about a decade, the novel being the main result, with the non-fiction examples of Le Kleine Review showcasing the already occurring transition (there is so much more content for LKR!).

Please get in touch via the contact form below if you have anything at all to contribute to either project. I would love to one day translate the story and content into my native German, commission illustrations, and develop a gamified version of this world I have conjured up – a possible future human narrative made flesh! 

I am no intellectual and have no grand aspirations other than to cultivate conscience and wisdom (in my Self and others), live true to my values, love as much as possible, shape the world for the better and one day find and be able to live off what I’m really good at. Maybe that’s writing – you tell me!

I am not one for too much planning, so at this point I am going to publish the first 20 or so chapters week by week for free while I finish writing the second half (it’s all there but needs work, always more work…!). I will see how you, my dear reader, respond and consider my next steps then. 

I have worked mostly blue and some white collar jobs, since January 2020 I have been working in a public library which has been wonderful.

Last year a colleague defined me with these 4 words: Authentic, Restless, Good Listener. 

I have support through a varied network of family, friends, colleagues, and elders, helping to test and sharpen my observations. 

Love & Peace & Health to You All, Siblings!

What’s in a name?

Why "Junia"?

Junia was a female apostel in the 1st century AD mentioned in the bible, whose feast day happens to be the same as my birthday in this lifetime, May 17. 

Junia ties to me through Rosa Luxemburg’s pen name “Junius”, a  name that I always liked and found intriguing. Rosa is one of my favourite people in history in the German revolutionary left-wing anti-war pro-peace movement in the early 20th century.

What does "Kartal" mean?

Kartal means Eagle in Turkish, a language I have recently acquired a rudimentary knowledge and deep love and appreciation for.

The Eagle is one of my power animals, my dreaming, my totem in this life, specifically this phase of my life.

Find out more about Eagle.


Comments, questions or just want to connect?

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