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Dive into a positive vision of the future through the novel

One Week in 2050.

See many positive visions of the past & present in 

Le Kleine Review.



An invitation to read, contemplate, write, draw, play, manifest, question, discuss and remember

to remember

Your Self.

One Week in 2050

Positive Future Fiction To Stem The Tide Of Gloom

One Week in 2050 is the futuristic #solarpunk novel forming the  of this website. 

Set in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia, the story follows a bunch of characters from different backgrounds through an eventful week in March 2050. 

It’s neither all rosy rainbows and unicorns, nor all doomy gloomy and zombies.

Le Kleine Review

Showcasing Positive Non-Fiction of the Present & Past

Le Kleine Review topics encompass Economics, Spirituality, Science & Tech, Philosophy, Art, Thought & Action Leaders of the Present & Past, and Narrative Technology.

This fragmentary collection aims to bring seemingly unrelated topics in context with one another and thereby increase meaning and sense-making in — and of — the paradoxical world we live in.