Eagle Dreaming

Different animals embody all of our good and not so good qualities and can be very helpful in shining a torch on one’s blindspots.
As well as highlighting one’s talents.
To access all of one’s gifts one must become a balanced human being by developing all sides of oneself.

In 2015 Eagle arrived on my shoulder, confirmed in 2017 as my Dreaming, a totem or power animal in Australian Aboriginal lore.

So I began wondering:

“What is this bird trying to teach me?”

Lightness of spirit, freeing of consciousness

Check diet, metabolic rate and digestion

Eat more often and smaller amounts

overall health and growth

Lots of fresh air – walking, breathing exercises


developing intuitive discrimination

directions of time – past/present/future


flexibility in thoughts and perceptions

massage and stretches

have I been too inflexible?

Am I afraid to see what’s ahead or behind me?

Am I ready to open to new vision and realms?

Three (3) : Creativity & new birth

3 eyelids – new vision


Learn to recognise and utilise the natural currents of life

Expend less energy and accomplish more

Soar, coast, sail

Birds of prey migrate when necessary, but only as far as necessary 🙂

Recognise weather changes – and create your own (carry responsibility!)

Predation (Predators)

Air and East = Creativity, inspiration, higher awareness

Air = Powers of the mind, new wisdom, higher intuition

The power of self-mastery through appropriate use of strength of will

Symbol for the unity of all things – links Heaven and Earth


Expansion of mind with one quality above all: Weitsicht (long/wide vision)

Do not get bogged down; soar above the mundane drama of own heart and being, coast along, aware of what’s happening in all 7 directions, not just what is nagging at heart and soul.