The Worry Tree





This is a story from India about the Worry Tree (Sorgenbaum).

There was once a village in which stood a large, old tree. One day the villagers were invited to pack up all their worries and hang them unto the tree. But in return, they had to take home with them someone else’s packet of worries. 

So it came.

Back at home, everybody unpacked their new, foreign pack of worries. Shock and horror went around as everybody realised that the other worry packets were much larger than one’s own. And so everybody swiftly went back to the Worry Tree to hang up the foreign worries and take home their own packet once more.

First read in “If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him

Another useful allegory that widens our awareness, flexes our emotional and mental muscles by making us appreciate other people’s journeys, as well as our own, through a larger perspective.