Karla Riddell & The Young Shaman Foundation

The font for this page is called “Love you like a sister” – and that is just what I feel for Karla Riddell!

Coincidentally we are in similar boats at this time (March 2020) because she has just released her first book! Paramedic to Shaman outlines her very interesting, very consciously and meaningfully led life journey so far.

And Karla has kept busy: An experienced meditator and nature lover, she works as a KaHuna massage therapist and facilitates sacred space for people, mostly women, to come together and dance, share, laugh, cry and heal. She has also founded the Young Shaman Foundation and the Rite of Passage Network and organises retreats into the desert.

In short, Karla is a beautiful human being – one of Gen Y’s emerging elders, so to say – dedicated to the support and the healing, the activation and the initiation, of all of us.

Thank you for all you do!

Connect with Karla:

Karla’s website

Paramedic to Shaman book link

Young Shaman Foundation website

Young Shaman on instagram


Rite of Passage Network