Leyla Sunshine


Leyla is almost 13 years old, has wavy, dark blonde hair, and her second name, Sunshine, does really suit her sunny nature, her radiant smile and her ability to light up a room up when she enters. Leyla is also bright in terms of her sharp mind and level of maturity. She often surprises her elders with her depth of thought – which certainly also stems from the fact that she lost her mother, Soleil, at the age of ten.

Soleil passed away in a horse-riding accident in 2048, a heavy loss for the entire family as she was a wonderful human being. May she walk her further path in peace.

Leyla’s family consider themselves incredibly lucky that Leyla has had the best counsellor in the world with Nik these last couple of years, who is very nurturing and much more than just a lifestyle coach. Everybody is comfortable to say that she has become a part of the family, and Leyla loves her like an aunt or older sister.

Leyla’s father, Rocco, has enormous trouble to keep living his life. He seemed okay for a while, but since his son, Leyla’s older brother, Blu, came to visit for New Years, he seems more anxious than ever. Blu had left to go travelling about six months after Soleil died.

But back to Leyla – as the Dargus family is versatile she was pretty young when she began soaking up all kinds of lessons in philosophy, science, spirituality, history, and so on. Blu had taught her basic maths, reading and writing by the time she was five. They had great fun playing “school” for hours, and he would lecture her on various topics to practise his own understanding, and she would ask him a thousand questions – she has truly been an explorer of reality from way back.

As a result of losing her mother at such an early age, Leyla has grown mature, more in touch with herself than most other children her age; she has already learnt what to make of her emotions, how to harness her strengths, how to counteract her weaknesses. Like her grandmother, who is a natural mentor, she has no problems seeing all sides of an argument and easily understands all points of views, and holding different world views in her mind without being attached to any of them.

Leyla has learnt rituals and ceremonies that let her transform grief, anger, and sadness into more creative, positive energy and emotions, without suppressing or denying any of these emotions. Leyla also learnt to accept that death is a necessary stage of life and consciousness. She has learnt to trust herself, to weigh off her emotions, thoughts, and intuitions, and to carry herself with poise and maturity.

From an archetypical viewpoint, Leyla sometimes reminds those around her of a benevolent, humble yet strong, and yes, even wise, young queen.

With all that said, however, let’s not forget to mention that Leyla has not unlearnt to be a child, she can be very enthusiastic, theatrical, and silly, and her ability to find the funny side of life is remarkable. She also tends to be a tad messy and chaotic.

Leyla has a very versatile field of interests and has just begun to study the fairly new field of psyonics, or mindwork. Here she learns to direct the subtle energies to the purposes of healing, communication (her goal is the telepathic communication with animals), and general problem solving.

Young Leyla embodies all kinds of ideals which the creation of New Society was striving for. With all due humility, she may even be one embodiment of the next stage of human evolution.



Leyla Sunshine